What is the best way to install my new lighting fixture?

Read and follow the installation instructions provided with your fixture.

Where do I find the instruction sheet?

Download the installation instruction file from the products detail page to install your new lighting fixture.

Are your fixtures UL or ETL rated?

All Quoizel fixtures are ETL rated unless otherwise noted. The ETL mark is recognized by inspectors and authorities having jurisdiction as proof of product compliance throughout North America.

How do I clean my fixture?

Do not use any harsh abrasives, polishes or chemicals. Please see our Care and Maintenance section for more detail.

What is your privacy policy?

We have the utmost respect for your privacy. We do not share your email addresses or telephone numbers with anyone. Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail.

Are bulbs included with the fixture?

Bulbs are not included unless otherwise noted. Products requiring halogen bulbs are shipped with the bulb(s) in the carton. There are other specialty bulbs that may be included as noted.

Must wattages remain as indicated on the fixture?

Wattages stated are the maximum recommended; however, you may use lower wattage to suit your lighting needs.

How much chain and/or wire comes with the fixture?

Some chain-hung fixtures come with 12’ of wire 8’ of chain and some come with 4’ of chain and 8’ of wire.

All rod-hung piccolo pendants come with 8’ of wire.

All cord-hung piccolo pendants come with 8’ of cord.

Some chain-hung piccolo pendants come with 10’ of wire and 3’ of chain and some come with 4’ of chain and 8’ of wire.

What is the difference between “Damp”and “Wet” location listings?

A “Damp” rating means it has been tested to withstand light moisture or raised humidity, such as condensation or a light mist. Examples of “Damp” locations would include fixtures under an outdoor porch, a bathroom (not in the shower area) and above the sink.

A “Wet” rating indicates the fixture has been tested to withstand an outdoor unprotected environment. An example of “Wet” locations could be an outdoor post light or an outdoor wall fixture

Are flush mount fixtures damp location listed?

Yes, flush-mount fixtures are damp location listed.

Are outdoor fixtures wet location listed

Not always. Some may be “Damp” location listed.

Do Tiffany, art glass and natural stone always have the same colors?

Glass color in Tiffany, art glass and Naturals lighting products varies. No two pieces are identical.

Are there special instructions for halogen bulbs?

Halogen bulbs should always be handled with care. When installing a halogen bulb, do not touch the bulb with your bare hands. When removing a halogen bulb, always allow the bulb sufficient time to cool. Handling the bulb with a cloth will help prevent premature bulb failure.

Can Quoizel fixtures be dimmed?

Yes, all fixtures operate on standard dimmers unless otherwise noted.

Where did the name “Quoizel” come from?

In 1930, our founder, Michael Chaikin began making and selling table lamps at a shop on 25th Street in Manhattan. He called the company Quoizel, a name suggested by a friend interested in astrology, in conjunction with the alignment of several planets at the time of the company’s birth.

Is Quoizel Tiffany “real” Tiffany?

Some of our Tiffany designs are reproductions of original Louis Comfort Tiffany designs. Others are from our own creation. All are individual, handcrafted pieces of art glass.

How do I make a return or exchange?

All returns or exchanges must be made through the retailer where you purchased the item.

Can I use an LED bulb to replace an incandescent bulb?

In most fixtures with a socket, an LED bulb may replace an incandescent bulb. If the bulb specified is a low voltage bulb, an LED replacement bulb will not work.

My LED bulb will not dim properly - what should I do?

For an LED bulb to be dimmable, it must be specified as dimmable and use a compatible LED dimmer switch. Please refer to the dimmer switch manufacturer's website for a list of compatible LED bulbs.

Why does the integrated LED fixture remain on (at a very low dim) when the switch is off?

This is typically caused by a feature on the light switch that requires a small amount of power. This would include a switch that has a light inside the switch that illuminates the switch at night. This small amount of power is powering the LED fixture, causing the fixture to be on at a very low light level.